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   Amateur passionate about photography for many years, I started with black and white in the darkroom.
   Whole days developing films and making prints with the help of the enlarger and chemical bins.
   With the arrival of digital I continued to photograph with increasingly cumbersome equipment (boxes, lenses, zooms, telephoto lenses...)
   Today I most often use a single box accompanied by its 28 mm (light material) to satisfy my favorite pastime and redo black and white in digital.
   I offer you three sections:
   - Photos of Nature: birds, animals, often caught on the lookout waiting for long hours for the right time.
   - Photos of landscapes during walks or trips.
   - Black and white photos.
   This site does not contain any advertising and no cookies because I have fully developed it.
   For any questions about this site, you can send me an email.
   Jean Paul